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2020 ALUM

Oscar transitioned from The Harris School to public school in Norway after his family repatriated at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. His move included several changes as well as a language barrier, a larger size classroom, and more than 20 students, but Oscar persevered. Thanks to the solid foundation he gained during nearly 3 years at The Harris School and from work with his therapist, he was able to overcome his anxiety and quickly adjust to his new environment. By the start of school, Oscar proudly got himself to and from campus each day on his stand-up scooter. He now enjoys living just a short plane ride away from grandparents as well as taking trips with his parents and brother to the beach, mountains or any outdoor experience. Oscar is doing well in general and at school. He is recognized as inclusive and social with other kids, works in groups on different projects and follows routines successfully. Oscar continues working hard to stay in control of his emotional responses as he’s getting older and wants to be a spaceship engineer when he grows up.

“Thank you to The Harris School for all the things I learned that helped me achieve and grow in the opportunities I've had since leaving.”

-Gabriel Arturo Gomez Viloria

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