2016 ALUM

Gabriel transitioned from The Harris School to AWTY International School. As he established new relationships with peers and teachers, Gabriel excelled academically and athletically even earning recognition as Sportsman of the Year for 2017-2018. Gabriel continues to enjoy track and cross country at school as well as swimming for the Houston Racquet Club. As a key member since 2017, he also represents the team in the
Inter-Club’s Swim League Championship. When he isn't excelling at athletics, Gabriel also enjoys spending time with friends in robotics club and at school in general. He even spent a school year abroad in Mexico City with the American School Foundation. There, Gabriel made new friends and connections with Mexican culture while maintaining excellent performance in math, science and finance. He enjoyed finance so much that he applied and was accepted to Duke's Talent Identification Program: a three-week camp at Georgia Tech where he spent part of his summer after volunteering at The Harris School. Gabriel spent valuable time with THS teachers and students, taking the opportunity to contribute to the education of children at The Harris School. 

“Thank you to The Harris School for all the things I learned that helped me achieve and grow in the opportunities I've had since leaving.”

-Gabriel Arturo Gomez Viloria

(713) 526-2046

6210 Rookin St, Houston, TX 77074, USA

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