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2020-2021 PLAN

Our goal is to go above and beyond the standard
back-to-school preparation to ensure the safest environment possible for students and families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintaining students'
social and emotional growth and academic progress are non-negotiable. The health and safety of
The Harris School Family are of the utmost importance.





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2 options to meet family needs

In-person at school with a small class size & safety protocol

Distance learning online with a daily schedule & video meetings

Same curriculum & instruction

Continued teacher engagement

Ongoing support from staff

Temperature checks on arrival

Masks worn by staff at all times; face shields as needed

Masks worn by students over 10 & in hallways by all

6-foot distance enforced

Individual supply boxes

Hand washing schedule

Frequent disinfecting

Please understand, The Harris School's plan is based on the information and guidelines from local, state and national government and health agencies as of July 2020. Our plan is subject to change based on updates from local, state or national government or health agencies.

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